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  1. I remember a couple years back I sat with Bobby on the coach up to Durham to watch India vs England. We talked a lot mostly about football, in particular DCFC and Leo Messi. I will always remember that trip. Laughed and talked most of the way up. Really was one of a kind and could put a smile on anyone’s face. Always a fond memory of a day with a lot of the Dorka family. A lot of respect for them and I know they will always keep Bobby’s memory alive. He will never be forgotten by any of us that knew him. R.I.P Bobby Dorka

  2. The first day Bobby started working at Leadeflush/ Laidlaw he looked so smart dressed in a suit that was too big for him and had the biggest smile on his face. He will always be remembered. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday dear Bobby. Whenever I think of you, it is always your beautiful eyes and happy smile I picture. I remember your kindness and your caring, the strong friendships you had, and I know that the world is a better place for you having been here. Your legacy is to have loved and been loved, and to have inspired those you met.

  4. My memory of bobby…..

    that weekend in London.mannars,me and bobby.walking through the streets of London in snow.it was absolutely freezing but u helped by singing malkit Singh and other bhangra songs.so funny!!then bobby u kept coming inbetween arguments between myself and mannars as he argued i was talking too much room in the bed and taking up his side lol.what a weekend.love you forever

  5. Good afternoon to the Dorka Family,

    I pray that Allah the almighty provides Bobby with a beautiful place in Heaven and may he always be remembered. I pray that you all find peace in your hearts and may Allah the almighty
    always bring smiles to your faces when you talk about and rememeber Bobby.


  6. I am honoured to have received the Bobby Dorka Award at the JJBBA presentation evening this year. I was lucky to meet Bobby at JJBBA Derby and I promise to spread your vision of helping others. I hope to go to bed each night after a productive day Bobby, you know, having made other people smile and laugh. RIP my friend, we will meet again one day to share our experiences of making peoples lives a better one here on earth.

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